LED Conversion Kit vs LED Bulb

You may have noticed some people who sell LED bulbs and others offering LED conversion kits while looking for LED headlights. What you may not realize is the distinction between them. What is the difference between the two, and which one do you require?

The answer is probably more complicated and subtle than you would think. LEDs are semiconductor diodes that really are bulb-shaped and emit light whenever a voltage is applied to them. On addition of the bulbs, a kit includes a few or several components to enable replacing them possible or easier.

What Is the Difference Between Bulbs and Conversion Kits?

LED bulbs are precisely what they sound like: light-emitting diodes. A simple LED bulb consists of an LED bulb, a casing to protect and contain the LEDs from the weather, a heat diffuser, and a connection that plugs into the very same connector as a regular bulb.

Additional technologies may or may not be included in LED lights. Some bulbs, for example, include Bluetooth-enabled microchips that allow you to change their intensity and colour from your phone.

Bulbs are exactly what you’d anticipate; they’re the same size and shape as regular headlight bulbs. There’s nothing further to say about them. It’s important to note that LEDs aren’t bulbs in the classic sense; they don’t have filaments and emit light in a different way than regular bulbs.

A LED light conversion kit is a set that includes a bulb as well as any additional accessories that your vehicle may require. If your vehicle requires an accessory to enable LED bulbs to function, it should be included in the package for your car. If your car only requires a bulb as a plug-and-play change, you probably don’t need a kit at all.

Do You Need a Kit?

You may be questioning whether or not you require a kit now that you know what’s included. The answer is that it is debatable. Answer these questions as they pertain to your car to evaluate whether or not you require a complete kit.

Is your vehicle already equipped with LED bulbs? LED lights are now standard on many more contemporary automobiles, either as an optional or as a standard feature of their model and make. Over the last decade, there has been substantial progress in the direction of LEDs, and so many auto manufacturers now use LEDs for all or some of the bulbs in and around a vehicle.

If you already have LEDs in your vehicle, but one of them has burnt out or ceased operating, all you need is a spare LED for that socket. You won’t need any additional tools because all you have to do is change the bulb. All of the essential hardware to support an LED is in place. To remove the present LED, you’ll probably need a small wrench or other equipment, but replacing it shouldn’t take much more than removing the existing bulb and replacing it.

Now you know the differences between the two types of lights.