How to Choose a Company for Your Car Restoration

If you own a car or planning to buy a car to restore, you need to first look at how you are going to start the process. You will need to select a reliable company to carry out the restoration so that you can assure the safety and performance of the vehicle.

A good way of selecting a reliable company is to visit the shop in person before you decide. Even if you check out the services offered by the shop online, visiting in person will give you a better understanding of how the shop operates. During your visit, there are several things you need to look for such as the cleanliness and organization of the shop, how the staff members are allocated to different tasks etc. If there are dedicated staff members allocated for different jobs, it means that the company focuses on specialization and will be able to provide a more precise job. You can also take a look around and check the quality if the work done and the tools used to work on the vehicle. You can ask whether there are any services that are outsourced and where the work is done.

There is a bit of confusion between the terms restoration vs renovation. When a vehicle is restored, it will be stripped down and rebuilt according to the specifications of the original manufacturer. Mechanical systems of the car as well as aesthetic elements are included in this. When vehicles are renovated or refurbished, it speaks more of improvement done to the car with regard to its interior, electronic system, exterior aesthetic etc. Simply put, restoration is to bring a car to its original authentic version and renovation relates to modifications. When you are looking for a company to restore your vehicle, you need to ask whether they are stripping the vehicle 100% and using all original parts. There are some instances where exact replicas will be used when the original part can’t be found or is too expensive. If you are permitted, you can speak to the staff member of the shop and ask about what their job entails and how long they have been doing this.

You should also ask where the company sources parts and whether they are capable of reconditioning some parts. Another item to clarify is how long it will take to get parts delivered. The estimate for the job is also important as this will give you an idea of how much you will have to spend on the project. You can ask how they give estimates as most of the time an accurate estimate can’t be given until the vehicle is stripped down and assessed. You will probably get a range for the cost that the project will take to complete. Lowering the cost will not be of benefit to you as this will lower the quality of the work. So most of the shops you encounter will not be open to negotiation. Ask about how the payments will be done. In most cases, bills will be sent monthly.