A Rally Driver’s Secret to Winning

There are many types of motor sport races in the world today. From Formula E to Formula One, and from drag races to rallies, there are so many that you can choose from. However, one of the most popular motor sport categories is the rally. This is due to the fact that it requires a great of experience and courage to drive a car through some rough terrain amidst some dangerous landscapes as well. Some of them can be in the desert, while some of them can be through the thick jungles of Europe. Regardless, every rally driver who has won a race always has a trick up her/his sleeve. Here are just some of the more notable ones out there.


Although not something that is part of the car, it certainly is a major contributing factor when it comes to winning a race. A co-driver, sometimes called a navigator would have be able to give out instructions of the course on time, while dealing with the immense speed of the car. The timely instructions is what gives the driver the adequate reaction time to take those daring corners efficiently and effectively without ending up in a ditch.


When it comes to the components of the car, the turbo or supercharger is one of the most important components. The reason for this is due to the fact that many drivers often want a sudden burst of torque to make sure they can move the tail out, while quickly powering their way out of the corner as well. However, setting this up to the driver’s requirements can be quite difficult since it depends on his driving style and way of taking corners. Thus, the reason why teams often fiddle about with the turbo in various stages of the race.


Having all that power is pointless if it cannot be transferred to the wheels properly. This is where the element of shifting gears come into play. This is important because this is what provides the drivetrain access to the power of the engine. Interestingly enough, there are two gear boxes. One called the dog box, and the other being the paddle shifter. The dog box can be used as a short shifter of sorts since it can be used to quickly change gear without the use of a clutch when taking corners. It does ruin the engine to an extent, but it certainly helps with the usage of power in the best possible manner.


Like the turbo, this too can be quite tricky since it does depend on the preference of the driver and the car. In other words, this is generally adjusted on the day of the race so as to maximise the performance when it really matters. Suspensions help to keep the car stable while also allowing for less power to be wasted on the corners. After all, rallies are mainly about taking the corners quickly and powering out of them quickly as well.

Overall, these are some of the elements that any rally driver should consider when trying to win races.