A Newbie’s Guide to Off-Roading – 6 Ultimate Tips

If you’re a newbie, the below points would help you be a better off-roader. Why don’t you keep reading?

Don’t Clear Paths

Whether you’re a newbie or not, it would be a good idea for you to stick to trails that have been carved. Trying to clear roads yourself could be dangerous. And you’d seriously damage your car. Depending on where you live, there may be thousands of trails near you. The ones for beginners would have been cleared perfectly – this makes it easier to drive through them.

Adjust Your Speed

Off-roading is not about driving at top speeds. The line “as slow as possible, as fast as necessary” describes traveling on trails the best. Some obstacles may be hidden, so driving at top speeds could cause you to get stuck. There may be a hill that would require you to go fast, however. Assessing the situation before blasting the pedal is key.

Look For Alternate Trails

Look at the road – is it too dangerous to cross? There probably are alternate routes near you. You must bring a map because of this. 

Know that even expert off-roaders don’t cross certain trails. They’re experts, as they know it wouldn’t be worth their time.

New Tyres

Off-roading means that you’ll be driving on super rough terrains. The tyres on your 4WD may not be the most suited for the environment. You’d need to get options with deep treads – you’d get a lot of traction when driving.

While on the topic of tyres, make sure the ones you install are aligned properly. Some sidewalls would deal with more friction and deteriorate. Driving would be difficult if you haven’t inflated the tyres properly either; the car may move lop-sided on the road.

It would be smart if you bring a spare tyre with you. You can use the hitch on your 4W4 to store it.

You can not only change the tyres, but you can swap the wheels out too. More quality options would provide for a smoother ride, like PSI wheels.  If you’re interested in PSI wheels Melbourne has several shops offering them.

Tell Somebody Your Location

The trail you may be driving on could be very secluded. You’re advised to tell someone back home where you’d be going. If anything were to happen, people would know where to search.

Can You Walk Back?

If you tackle a difficult obstacle and can’t, make it, you’ll have to walk to where the help is. Unless the obstacle is near where the others are, the risk of crossing it might be too high.

Final Thoughts

Off-roading as a newbie can be intimidating. All the points discussed would make crossing trails easier. The best tip would be to assess how difficult the path might be. It might be a better idea to use an alternative one instead. To help you cross a difficult obstacle, adjust the speed you’re driving at. Although you’d think going fast would help, it might be a better idea to move slowly.