5 Ways to Sell a Used Car for More

If you’re planning on selling your vehicle, you’d want to get the most for it. The below points would help.

Clean It

There is no way you’ll be able to get a lot from it if its insides are dirty. Take a look at its interior carefully. Although it may look clean, prospective buyers are going to inspect every nook and cranny. If there is junk behind a seat, they will find it.

Not only would junk being in the vehicle be a sight for sore-eyes, but the buyers would have a bad impression of you not taking care of the car properly. They’d turn away; they wouldn’t know what other things your poor maintenance would have caused.

Speaking of keeping the interior clean, are there stains on the seats? Working with a good repair shop to detail the interior is a must.


Want to raise the value of your car by a lot? Upholster its seats. There are thousands of materials you could use. Think about placing leather.

Not just the material, but the colour scheme you’ll go for would make the insides look rich too. Why not go for a chic, all-black interior? You’d turn the most heads.

Protective Paint

Buyers would love to know that they’re buying a vehicle that would be with them for a long time. Ifthe car has protective measures, like a paint-sealant, they’d be fans. The coating would act as an insulating layer, preventing the exterior from being exposed to the environment. The insulating layer would make the car look new as the paint underneath wouldn’t be touched.

Moreover, scratches and scruffs would be kept at bay as well.

More Power

There are multiple modifications you could do to make your vehicle faster. Anyone would want to buy a car that has more horse-power. A modification that would increase the speed would be a new exhaust system. The one you have may be clogged – not much gas is allowed to escape.

Something else that would increase speed would be an exhaust wrap. It would make the engine burn fuel more efficiently as heat wouldn’t be allowed to escape. From all the things you could add, an exhaust wrap wouldn’t be that expensive.

If you’re going to be swapping parts out, make sure that you find the right store to work with. You’d want to include genuine parts. Work with large names like Performance Heaven if you need Mercedes’ parts. You can build your beast here. The likelihood of getting scammed would be high otherwise.


How do you stop buyers from bargaining the price down? Selling an incredible looking vehicle along with all of its documents would help. The latter would ensure the purchase goes smoothly.

Final Thoughts

There are thousands of ways to sell a used car for more. From the points mentioned, something that would help would be modifying its insides. Why not do things that would increase your car’s speed? You could also upholster its seats and make its interior look like a million bucks.