Mitsubishi GOT2000 from ASC

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Award Winning Vision!

Automation Systems and Controls has been presented a recent award from Europe recognising our work in Machine Vision Systems.

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Looking to upgrade product that is beyond manufacture and repair period? Speak to us for the right guidance on complete or transitional upgrades.

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Products constitute just a minor portion of an ASC sale. Prompt service, excellent stock availability, industry best solutions and attractive pricing culminate to provide you with every competitive advantage. Most importantly, if you have a problem, we are committed to making it right.

Our Products

Here are a list of our products. Feel free to browse, order or request more information.

Product 1

Mitsubishi Factory Automation Products

Featuring one of the largest product line-ups in the industry, Mitsubishi Electric develops PLC's ranging from simple application controllers to high-end automated platforms, Graphic Operator Terminals, Variable Speed Drives and Servo Systems. A comprehensive array of software tools and networking technologies enables seamless integration with other automation products.

Product 3



c2 with Checker ASC

Cognex Machine Vision Systems

Companies around Australia rely on Automation Systems & Controls Pty Ltd and our Australian representation for Cognex vision to optimize product quality, drive down manufacturing costs, and control traceability. Recognised as leaders in vision systems solutions, Automation Systems and Controls offer Cognex's unmatched range of vision inspection systems together with our industries best training programs and experienced independent vision system integration companies.


Cognex DataMan® ID Readers

DataMan® ID fixed-mount and handheld readers from Automation Systems and Controls provide a comprehensive range of industrial solutions for your barcode reading requirements.


APG Industrial Enclosures for Cameras & Lighting

Allison Park Group, Inc. designs and manufactures camera & lighting enclosures for harsh industrial environments. We offer APG housings for
food applications, washdown and explosive environments. APG also
produce custom and OEM design solutions.

Product 2

Autonics Sensors and Controls

As Authorised Distributor for Autonics, Automation Systems and Controls Pty Ltd can provide you a total sensor and controller solution from their comprehensive range of around 5,000 products. We Stock an extensive range range of the popular high quality Autonics offering to promptly support Australian industry's application and project requirements.

ABB Jokab Eden

Jokab Safety and our complete Safety of Machinery

Product Solutions

Automation System and Controls Pty Ltd (ASC) have recently been appointed a ‘Safety Solutions Partner’ to ABB Australia. Jokab Safety was recognised as the best fit to complete our industry leading safety of machinery offering, which includes assistance with legislative requirements, learning programs, project services, validation and 'complete electrical and fluid power safety product solutions'.  

Hit-Not® and ForkAware

Forklift - Pedestrian Safety Systems

Warning Forklift Drivers and Pedestrians when they are in close proximity can be achieved through a range of fit for purpose solutions from Automation Systems and Controls.

ASC Smart Home - Home Automation

Our ASC Smart Home Solutions provide the convenience of controlling apparatus such as heating, cooling, Spa's, designated GPO's and Lighting, Alarm Systems etc through options of phone, tablet and PC interfaces.

ASC Retrofit Package Automation Solutions

Automation Systems and Controls offers a growing range of retrofit automation solutions. Can any of these assist solve an application requirement for you?

Automation Systems and Controls - Authorised Distributors of