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Award Winning Vision!

Automation Systems and Controls has been recognised in Europe for our work with Cognex Machine Vision Systems.

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Hit-Not® Proximity System Equipment

To provide you with the tools to solve both simple and challenging applications, a broad range of fit-for-purpose Hit-Not® equipment is available to you. Please find overview of our Hit-Not®equipment below. For guidance on selecting an equipment solution please select the 'Solutions' tab above or contact us to discuss your needs.

Personal Alarm Device (PAD)

The PAD is the intelligent function module of the Hit-Not® System, detecting the field generated by the vehicle mounted generator modules to warn the pedestrian and sending information for driver warning. 

  • Audible and Visual indicators.
  • Weighs just 134 grams or 180 grams with Hit-Not® Velcro Pouch.
  • Fits in a pocket, measuring 92mm high x 74mm wide x 15mm deep. 
  • Attach by Velcro or Clip.  Velcro Arm Band option.
  • Low battery audible-visual warning.
  • Approximately 48 - 72 hours between charging requirements.
  • Approximately 1 hour charge time.
  • Switches off when plugged into charger.  (Will not alarm while charging).
  • Can be left charging without detriment to batteries.

Proximity Field Generator Module

The Proximity Field Generator Module is fitted very easily to the vehicle (e.g forklift) usually to the rear of the vehicle and generates the low frequency magnetic field.  It can be mounted using the supplied mounting hardware or by alternative means 100mm off steel frame work. 

  • Firmly attaches with supplied magnets.  Mounting bracket is pre-drilled for additional fixing or support with U-bolts or cable ties where preferred.
  • 12Vdc to 24Vdc operating voltage.  A voltage converter may otherwise be required where only alternative power sources exist.
  • Power cable provides for simplistic connection, typically integrated with the vehicle strobe light so that it is active only when the vehicle is energized.  Bright blue indicator when in operation.
  • Simplistic installation also makes for easy change-over when updating fork-trucks.
  • Includes warning indicators visible to driver when reversing if mounted to rear of vehicle as recommended.
  • Warns with audible warning if supply voltage falls below normal operational levels.
XL version available with double the standard range for larger applications such as container reach forklifts and other large mobile plant..

Driver Warning Module (DWM)

The DWM is designed to be mounted in a convenient location for driver warning.  It has a convenient lead and plug for attachment direct to the Proximity Generator Module and replicates the audible visual warnings of the PAD.

  • Provides a single initial alert tone at 110db followed by subsequent 85db tones.
  • Visual Indication only DWM also available.

Cab Silencer Module

The Cab Silencer Module is an option used where drivers are also required to wear a PAD for when they are away from their vehicle.  The module plugs into the DWM to mute the drivers PAD whilst operating the vehicle and is typically mounted or Velcro attached to the rear of the driver’s seat.  As soon as the driver moves out of the cabin the drivers PAD becomes active.

Collision Avoidance Module (CAM)

The CAM is an optional module that installs within each vehicle’s Proximity Generator Module to enable vehicle to vehicle anti collision warning.

Area Monitor

The Area Monitor is an optional module that can be wall mounted and used to switch auxiliary warning devices, locking gates or opening doors etc upon being triggered by presence of a vehicle fitted with a Proximity Generator Module.

Area Silencing Modules

There are three optional Area Silencing Modules, each adjustable in zone and used to silence PAD’s within their zone.  Example may be an office area where it is not desired for passing traffic to trigger PAD’s worn by users currently within the office area.  The three options are:

  • Zone Silence (Small Area).
  • Room Silence (Medium Area).
  • Area Silencer (Very large Areas).

Battery Chargers

PAD Battery Chargers are available in single bay, five bay and ten bay configurations, each configured for 240Vac Australian plug-top. 


Whilst installation of the Hit-Not® system has been designed to be as simplified as possible, to ensure correct operation, 12 month warranty and installation certificate of compliance, all installations must be undertaken under the supervision of ASC or our certified installers. A certified installation provides you with relevant documentation and peace of mind that the equipment has been placed correctly into service. 

Hit-Not ASC RF

For sales enquiries, project assistance or further information please Contact us.