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Award Winning Vision!

Automation Systems and Controls has been recognised in Europe for our work with Cognex Machine Vision Systems.

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Hit-Not® Proximity Detection

Do you know of any other forklift - pedestrian proximity warning system that separately warns both pedestrian and driver, and can warn of a pedestrian on the blind side of double stacked 40 foot containers, both end to end and side to side? (XL-model for heavy forklifts with detection zone set accordingly).

Forklifts fitted with Hit-Not - ASC

Unlike anything else, Hit-Not® does not rely on line-of-sight for operation. Structures, buildings, blind corners, loads, containers, racking etc are no issue for Hit-Not® proximity warnings.

Subsequently if you have segregated forklift and pedestrians as far as is practicable, but remain with some shared traffic zones where pedestrians may be at risk, Hit-Not® forklift - pedestrian warning systems offer a range of tools designed to assist.

Implemented by some of Australia's most reputable companies and receiving excellent feedback, there is no question that Hit-Not® works. The only question should be what areas of risk can our Hit-Not® products assist you in?

Above: Video introduction to Hit-Not®.

As authorised distributors for Hit Not Australia (product sold only through distribution), our Hit-Not® proximity detection systems offer the most precise detection systems through patented technology, operating on low frequency magnetic fields which will pass reliably through most walls, structures, loads etc, thus eliminating 'blind spots'.

The Hit-Not® solution is a proximity detection system used to warn both pedestrians and vehicle operators (forklifts etc) to the presence of each other, where they may not otherwise be seen.  The purpose is to assist in preventing pedestrians being ‘struck’ by vehicles and also offering the optional capacity to reduce risk of vehicle to vehicle collisions.

Hit-Not from ASC

With the Hit-Not® solution, Pedestrians wear a Personal Alarm Device (PAD), of which each is an intelligent function module of the patented technology of the Hit-Not® system.  The PAD is a featherweight for a proximity detection device at approximately just 134g and can be attached by Velcro or placed in a safety vest chest pocket as well as other mounting options.  It provides short bursts of audible-visual indication when within a warning zone;

  • Up to approximately 14 meters (adjustable during installation) from a vehicle fitted with a Hit-Not® generator, followed by a continuous indication if within the danger zone of approximately 9 meters.   

  • Up to approximately 30 meters (adjustable during installation) for the 'XL' series Hit-Not® generator, suited to heavy forklifts such as empty handlers, container reach units, tractors etc. 

Forklifts are fitted with a Hit-Not® Proximity Generator Module to create the magnetic field and a Driver Warning Module (DWM) which replicates the warnings provided by the PAD.  The detection zone and audible warning levels can be adjusted to alternative site requirements within the manufacturer’s adjustment range. ASC's depth of experience, knowledge and support for safety solutions enables us to provide industry best assistance for your individual or project application requirements.

Installation can be as simple as attaching the Proximity Generator Module to the Forklift or vehicle with the supplied magnetic mounts and connecting the 12Vdc to 24Vdc power cable to the vehicles warning strobe. Whilst installation is designed to be simplified, each installation is checked for conformity to ensure it has been correctly configured for the designed purpose and operation of the equipment.

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Hit-Not ASC RF