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Award Winning Vision!

Automation Systems and Controls has been recognised in Europe for our work with Cognex Machine Vision Systems.

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Need More Information? If you have been unable to find the Forklift - Pedestrian Safety product information you were looking for please Contact us.

Products constitute just a minor portion of an ASC sale. Prompt service, excellent stock availability, industry best solutions and attractive pricing culminate to provide you with every competitive advantage. Most importantly, if you have a problem, we are committed to making it right.

Is the system you are considering Fit For Purpose?

Not all proximity detection systems are fit for purpose. The following points can assist you avoid a sub-standard solution.

  1. Is the product demonstrated with a load on the Forklift? Loads may impede the signal received by many other systems creating blind spots.
  2. Is the product demonstrated with the vehicle traveling in both forward and reverse direction? Many systems can have their detection field affected by antenna position and / or structure of the vehicle. This can affect reliability in at least one direction. Check for reliability issues or 'drop-outs' on change of direction.
  3. Is the product demonstrated reliably in detecting around 'blind spots'. Many are demonstrated with a person approaching directly from behind, side or front. However look to see if approach from around a blind corner is demonstrated and if it is, are warnings activated only once line-of-sight established? Relying on line-of-sight places you and personnel at risk because by the time warnings are sounded it could be too late.
  4. Does the product warn both the Forklift driver and pedestrian? By warning both parties the pedestrian also has time to avoid rather than relying solely on the reaction of the driver. Warning both parties means you are not investing in 'half a solution'.
  5. Does the product warn multiple pedestrians that enter the warning or danger zone? Systems that warn only the driver may not alert to multiple pedestrians. Subsequently further pedestrians in blind spots remain at risk.
  6. Does the product rely on software systems and a high degree of familiarity to install? Hit-Not® does not require software for setting and installation has been designed for simplicity to make change over on leased or updated fleet both quick and easy.
  7. Is the provider well established and likely to support your future requirements? Our foundations commenced in 1996 with a proven record in safety solutions.
  8. Does the product provide a range of options and accessories such as the CAM vehicle to vehicle anti collision warning modules, driver personal alarm device CAB silencer (enabling drivers to also wear a personal alarm device), Driver Warning Module options, room or area silencers, area detection systems (for area warning, door control etc), multi-bay chargers, PAD pouch, clip, helmet or armband accessories etc?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss a fit-for-purpose Hit-Not® solution with you. To do so please Contact us or telephone 03 9720 0211.

Hit-Not ASC RF