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Award Winning Vision!

Automation Systems and Controls has been recognised in Europe for their work with Machine Vision Systems.

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Looking to upgrade product that is beyond manufacture and repair period? Speak to us for the right guidance on complete or transitional upgrades.

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Products constitute just a minor portion of an ASC sale. Prompt service, excellent stock availability, industry best solutions and attractive pricing culminate to provide you with every competitive advantage. Most importantly, if you have a problem, we are committed to making it right.

Cognex DataMan® Vision ID Readers

In providing sales and support for Cognex in Australia, Automation Systems and Controls offers the most advanced vision camera technology available for 1-D barcode and for 2-D barcodes with the Dataman® product range. Regardless of the barcode symbology, size, quality, printing method, or surface the codes are marked on, we can read it!

Missing L Pattern Damaged L Pattern Damaged Clocking Pattern and No Quiet Zone_____1 - Missing L Pattern. _________________2 - Damaged L Pattern.__________ 3 - Damaged Clocking Pattern & No Quiet Zone.

With Cognex’s PowerGrid technology, we can locate and read 2D codes even when they exhibit significant damage to or complete elimination of the finder pattern, clocking pattern or quiet zone. This provides you with a robust system to read damaged codes and less time to rework these damages.

Plastic Over Barcode_Wrinkled Damaged_1 _______4 - Plastic Over Barcode. ______________________5 - Wrinkled._____________________________ 6 - Damaged.________

__________Extreme Angles______Low Resolution______________________7 - Extreme Angles. ______________________________8 - Low Resolution.__

With Cognex’s Hotbars II technology, we can improve read rates of 1D codes at high speeds to read the most challenging barcodes even down to 0.8 pixels per module.  This means high reliability, better efficiencies and throughput for you.

Omnidirectional Capabilities

___________________________9 - Omnidirectional Capabilities. _

One Cognex DataMan® is able to read codes in any direction, this saves you from using multiple laser based scanners simplifying your setup in cost and time.

No Moving Parts

___________________________________10 - No Moving Parts. _

As opposed to laser scanners which require moving parts to generate a laser line, the DataMan® does not. This means no parts that wear out, subsequently providing long term reliability and low maintenance.

______________ Visualisation

As a vision camera would suggest, the DataMan® takes pictures of the product to decode barcodes. This enables a faster and easier setup to get the system online. Images can be stored for archiving or quality assurance purposes. This leads to process improvements as you can now understand what is causing reading failures. These features are absent in traditional laser scanners.

Future Proofing

DataMan® enables you to prepare to read 2D barcodes if you are not already doing so. 2D codes have added benefits such as the information density shown above; both codes contain the same information, with the 2D code taking much less space. Having a DataMan® now to read your 1D codes will enable you to adopt 2D codes in future without having to replace your reader, as laser based scanners cannot interpret 2D codes.

DataMan® Handheld Readers

DataMan® handheld readers from Automation Systems and Controls provide a wide range of models—both corded and cordless—needed for applications in all industries. Whether a low-cost model for reading high-quality codes or models with the performance needed for reading the most challenging DPM codes, DataMan® has what it takes to get the job done. With the UltraLight technology, you can be assured no matter what surface the code is printed on, you have the lighting on hand to read it.

Handheld Reader Ultra Light Technology

DataMan® Fixed-Mount ID Readers

The range of DataMan® fixed-mount readers from Automation Systems and Controls makes them ideal for a range of applications. This could vary where space is limited to larger units required for the logistics industries. Models are available to read codes, at variable working distances and on any production line… including the fastest document handling. With the flexibility of inbuilt or external lenses and lightings, we can read in any situation.

Fixed Mount 1 Fixed Mount 2 Fixed Mount 3

The DataMan® Product Guide provides an excellent introduction and overview of our Cognex ID offering. Please download it via the link below.


Where you require additional information or would like to discuss a project specification, our friendly and skilled staff invite you to contact us.